Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – FUNDME


  1. What can I raise money for?


People raise money for many purposes such as for medical expenses, tuition fees, social infrastructure (school equipment, clinical equipment), travelling, starting a business) etc.


  1. What items can I donate?


Collectible goods, e.g television, computers, books, house, vehicles, etc


  1. How does Fundme keep campaign safe?


Your money is safe when you raise funds with fundme because we allow payments using one of the best secured payment gateways in the world. Donation funds are secured in a reserve fund until your campaign ends then your request for transfer of the money is initiated.


  1. How do I withdraw funds from my campaign?



Monies will be transferred into your Sikafon account after completion of campaign. You can then transfer money from your Sikafon account unto any reliable money transfer account such as credit card, debit card, mobile money account or Bank account.




  1. What if I don’t reach my goal?




If you don’t reach your goal, your progress meter will indicate. The amount so far raised on the progress meter will be paid to you.


  1. Is my country supported?



Please view supported countries;


United States

United Kingdom