About us


There are lot of challenges facing people in the world and Africa is trapped in the global challenge. It requires a collective effort for solutions to help people in dire need. Fundme, a crowdfunding site, attaches prime importance to the needs of Africans whether in business, charity, education, health and other areas of life. We provide a unique avenue to realise the goals of Africans as well as marginalised people of the world.  When you create a campaign or make a donation to support a cause or project, you realise people’s aspirations.


Established in 2019, thousands of people have realised their goals by using fundme. People in search of solutions have turned to fundme. Using the best tech and interactive space, we have created opportunities for many people. In using our platform, we ensure flexible use of our space. You get the chance of getting expert advice and your campaign can reach out to millions of people for support. 


Fundme was created by E-Connect Global Africa Ltd, based in Accra, Ghana. We have realised the important need for humanitarian gestures and capital for business to support campaigns in Africa but there a less available space for Africans to support each other. Studying the crowdfunding industry enabled us to design a solution that satisfies our context. We believe that ideas ought to be realised if they bring lasting hope, change and happiness.